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There were three main factors:

  • Enlightenment spread the idea that everyone was equal. The powerless Third Estate liked that.
  • The French economy was failing. High taxes kept prices low, and food supplies short.
  • King Louis XVI was a weak leader. He tried o tax nobles but they forced him to tax Third Estate.

What was NOT a factor that led to the French?

  • A rebellion in the clergy
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1) The growing debt of the French government and the economic downturn because of it

2) The shap discrepency between wealth and power in society. The merchant class was gaining more and more power, making the old three class system (nobelty, church, peasants) out of date.

3) Enlightenment ideas spread by philosophers in and out of France, as well as the democratic ideals outlined by the American Revolution

4) The French government was no longer efficient enough to provide food to its subjects

5) A rebellion within the clergy was not a factor that led to the French Revolution. This is because the French Revolution was a revolt of the poorest French citizens.

6) The death of Louis XVI

7) Although France in 1785 faced economic difficulties, mostly concerning the equitability of taxation, it was one of the richest and most powerful nations of Europe. The French people also enjoyed more political freedom and a lower incidence of arbitrary punishment than any of their fellow Europeans. However, Louis XVI, his ministers, and the widespread French nobility had become immensely unpopular. This was a consequence of the fact that peasants and, to a lesser extent,the poor and those aspiring to be bourgeoisie, were burdened with ruinously high taxes levied to support a wealthy monarchy, along with aristocrats and their sumptuous, often gluttonous lifestyles

8) The harvests were very bad due to very severe cold winters.

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Q: What factors led to the french revolution?
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What key ideas led to the french revolution?

self-government and individual freedom.

The reign of terror during the French Revolution led to the?

A) Execution of Thousands of People Suspected of Treason The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution led to the execution of thousands of people suspected of treason. The French Revolutionary Government (1793-1794) tried to protect the Revolution against domestic enemies. It arrested thousands of suspected enemies of the Revolution for treason, and either imprisoned or executed the suspects. The French Revolutionary Government executed both the king and queen of France. for plato users the answer is (A)

What factors led to the rise of Louise Phillipe french king?

The forced abdication of king Charles X led to the proclamation of Louis Philippe as king of France in 1830.

The French Revolutionary Wars started in 1972 after France declared war on which country?

The French Revolution started in 1789. There were a number of factors that led to the Revolution, including a series of wars that nearly bankrupt the crown. Louis XVI financial support of the American Revolution pushed the French debt even higher. The last major war that pushed France to the brink of financial ruin was the Seven Years War which ended in 1763, and resulted in France loosing it's North American colony, and some islands in the Carribean. It also devastated the French Navy to the point it never really recovered.

Did The french revolution happen before the American Revolution?

The French Revolution happened during 1789-1799 and the American Revolution happened during 1775-1783. So the French Revolution happened before the American Revolution.

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the French Revolution.

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What rebellion led to the Reign of Terror?

The French Revolution.

What were not a factor that led to the French Revolution?

the construction of the bastille

What do the French call their revolution?

The revolution of the French is simply referred to as the French Revolution. This revolution led to the writing of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.

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What would make an effective thesis for an essay on the cause of the French Revolution?

An effective thesis for an essay on the cause of the French Revolution could be: "The French Revolution was primarily caused by a combination of social, economic, and political factors, including widespread inequality, financial crisis, and political corruption, which led to a breakdown of trust in the monarchy and a desire for revolutionary change among the French people."

Which was not a factor that led to the French Revolution?

the death of louis xvl