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The forced abdication of king Charles X led to the proclamation of Louis Philippe as king of France in 1830.

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Q: What factors led to the rise of Louise Phillipe french king?
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Who created the French Foreign Legion?

King Louis Phillipe, in 1831.

What did french citizens agree on in 1848?

Their dislike for King Louis Phillipe

What did most french citizen agree on in 1848?

Their dislike for King Louis Phillipe

Who was the French King that believed in Reincarnation?

louise 11V

July Revolution in 1930 where it was taken place?

The July Revolution took place in 1830, in France. It resulted in the deposing of the last French Bourbon King, Charles X, and the enthronement of King Louis-Phillipe, the so-called "Citizen King".

Who was talleyrand?

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord was a French statesman who became head of the new government after the fall of Napoleon in 1814. He was later involved in the overthrow of King Charles X, and his succession by King Louis-Phillipe.

When was the death of King Louise XVI?

King Louise XVI died in 1793.

How many king louie's were there?

There were 18 French Kings named Louis, beginning with the Carolingian Empire with King Louis I, the Debonaire from 814-840. The last King Louie was King Louis-Phillipe in Orleans from 1830-1848.

Who did Louis Phillipe follow as King?

If you mean the king that came before Louis-Philippe, it was Charles X who ruled from 1824-1830.

When was Nancy Louise King born?

Nancy Louise King was born on February 16, 1940, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Why did the Hundred Years War take place?

The last Capetian king died. He named Phillipe Valois as his heir. The English Plantagenets had a claim through the English Queen. They went to war over the French throne and French territory. The Valois won, retaining the throne and most of the French territory, except Calais, which they regained a couple centuries later.

Was louie phillipe a king of France?

Yes, he was, although he had no reigning power. The last real King of France had been Louis XVI who was killed in 1793. Since then, the French made it very clear they did not want one person with absolute power. The Kings after Louis XVI were therefore only King in name. The old regime had died with Louis XVI.