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King Louis XVI of France.

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Q: Who was the King during the French Revolutionary War?
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French king during the revolutionary war?

King Louis XVI of France.

French king during Revolutionary War?

King Louis XVI of France.

Who was the king of Britain during both the french and Indian war and the revolutionary war?

King George III

Did the french have a monarch during the revolutionary war?

Yes, indeed . . . he was called King Louis (loo-ee) the 16th.

What to put for letter k in revolutionary war book?

King Mountain, South Carolina was the scene of a major battle during the American Revolutionary War. King George III was King of Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War.

What was king george the third famous for?

He was the king during the Revolutionary war

Where did the French dig holes during the Revolutionary War?

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Who was king during the Revolutionary War?

George III.

Who was England's King in during the revolutionary war?

Charles I

What was an American advantage during the revolutionary war?

Support from the French.

Who decided to ally with the French during the Revolutionary War?

the colonies

What happened from the end of the french and Indian war to the beginning of the revolutionary war?

taxes from the engilsh king