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The Japanese Flag is the flag that is white with a red dot. Hope this helps, Nix

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Q: What flag is white with a red dot?
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How many countries have only white and red on their flag?

Turkey, Switzerland, Poland, Monaco, Canada, and Indonesia. The constituent country of Northern Ireland's flag also only contains white and red.

What England flag?

No. The flag of Great Britain is made up of four flags - the English flag is called the cross of Saint George - it is a white background with a red cross on it. The cross is veritcal and horizontal.

Why are the English flag colors red and white?

I don't know, but red & white does seem a popular combination of colours for many countries flags. Poland Switzerland Austria....

What is the flag of England?

St. George's Cross is the flag of England. It is a large red cross placed over a white background. It was named and created in honor of St. George, who was a patron saint in England.

What are the 3 colors on the french flag?

Colors on the French Flagthe French flag is the official French pavilion since 1794. It was drawn by Jacques Louis David, famous French painter, but it has its origins in July 1789. Shortly after the fall of the Bastille, the king visited the Paris town hall and was handed a blue and red cocard - the long-time colours of the town - which he put on his hat next to the white cocard (French kingdom emblem at the time), as a gesture towards the people of Paris. It is said that it was an idea of LAFAYETTE and that the newly created cocard became rapidly popular. The 'cocard story' was witnessed by Thomas Jefferson on the 17th of July 1789 ( ).(Since the reign of Henri IV, the red and blue could be found in the royal emblems, standing for the Kingdom of "Navarre".)The blue and red colours in Paris' flag were standing for the patron saints of the town (Saint Denis, Saint Martin). The popular "Garde Nationale", heir of the "Garde française" (regiment meant to protect the King) already had the three colours blue, white and red on their uniforms. Members of the Garde Nationale took part - and even led - in the storming of La Bastille.The white was associated at the time with the kingdom, or with France, more that with the kings, and indicated the dedication of the kingdom to the Virgin Mary.The three colours were used in different orders (blue-red-white for the scarf of public officials in 1790, white-red-blue in horizontal bands for the 'Fête de la Fédération' on the 14th of July 1790. In 1790 were also adopted new versions of ship's pavilions, despite some traditionalists arguing that because of the colours, it would resemble too much the Dutch flag.The flag was adopted officially by the Convention as the national flag only in 1794 (15th of February).The white flag replaced the three-colour flag in 1814-1815, and from 1815 to 1830, during the two first periods when the monarchy was reinstated.In 1830 the king Louis-Philippe came to power and reinstated the three-colour flag.After the overthrow of the Emperor Napoleon III, a royalist majority offered the throne to the Count of Chambord. He said he would accept the throne on the condition that the tricolour be replaced by the white flag. This proved impossible to accommodate and France remained a republic.a detailed article (in French):

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Which country's flag is white and red with a dot on it?

Japan's flag is white with a red dot in the center.

Which flag is red with a white dot?

The flag of Greenland has a white stripe, a red stripe, and a red and white circle.

White ensign with red dot?

A white ensign flag with a red dot represents the number one.

Which country's flag is white with a red dot on it?


What symbol is on the japan flag?

A big red dot in the middle of a white flag.

What does the red dot in the japanese flag represent?

Depends on the size of the flag, really....

What colour is the Japanese flag?

A white background with a red dot in the middle.

How many stars are there on the Japanese flag?

Zero. Japan's flag is a red dot in the middle of a white back round.

What do the colors on the flag of China represent?

the red dot represents the sun, im not sure what the white indicates. __ Red dot on white background is the Japanese flag, not the Chinese flag. The Chinese flag is red with 5 yellow stars. The current government line is: Red = the Chinese Revolution. The stars are supposed to represent unity of the people all under the Communist Party leadership.

What does the japan flag look like?

It is white with a large red circle in the middle. The red circle is said to represent the sun.

What colour is the UK flag?

White, Blue & Red. The English flag is red and white. The Welsh flag is red and white. The Scottish flag is blue and white

What is the flag color of Switzerland?

The Swiss Flag is a white cross on a white ground. No Switzerland's flag is a white cross with a red background.