What is the flag of England?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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St. George's Cross is the flag of England. It is a large red cross placed over a white background. It was named and created in honor of St. George, who was a patron saint in England.

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The name lane

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Q: What is the flag of England?
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What is the flag date of England's flag?

the England have the cross on it are you smart or what

Who was the influence on the England flag?

The England flag is the St. Georges Cross.

Can you show me the flag for England and New York?

show me flag of england

What does the dragon on the England Flag mean?

There is no Dragon on the England Flag Theres one on the Welsh flag though...

Why does Chile and England have the same colours on the flag?

The flag of Chile is red, white and blue. The flag of England has a red St. Georges cross on a white background. There is no blue in the flag of England.

What is the flag for the kingdom of England?

The flag of the United Kingdom (of which England is a part) is the Union Flag. The flag of England alone is the St Georges Cross. It's similar to US states having their own flag and also the Stars and Stripes.

Facts about the New England colonies flag?

fact of new England colonies flag

Where can you find pictures of the flag of England?

The flag of England is white with a red 'plus' sign from top to bottom and side to side.

What is the capital city and flag of England?

The capital city of England is 'London'. The name of England's flag is the 'St. George's Cross'.

What is the meaning behind the symbols and the design of the England flag?

The England flag (as opposed to the Union Flag) is a red St Georges Cross.

What do the stipes on the England flag represent?

Its not called the England flag it's called the Union Flag and the white stripes represent the Scotish Soltire.

What does the England flag satnd for?

The England flag is white with a red 'plus' cross and is known as the St Georges Flag. If you mean the Union Flag, sometimes erroneously referred to as the Union Jack, it is a combination of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.