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The St. Georges cross is the flag of England, one of the constituent parts of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Queen is not "Queen of England"; her title is somewhat more complex than that! The national flag of the UK is commonly called the Union Jack, but more correctly is the Union Flag. It is a composite of the cross of St George (England), the cross of St Andrew (Scotland) and the cross of St Patrick (Ireland). The Queen's personal flag is the Red & Yellow "Royal Standard".

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Q: Why doesn't the Queen of England fly the St Georges cross?
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What England flag?

No. The flag of Great Britain is made up of four flags - the English flag is called the cross of Saint George - it is a white background with a red cross on it. The cross is veritcal and horizontal.

What is the flag of England?

St. George's Cross is the flag of England. It is a large red cross placed over a white background. It was named and created in honor of St. George, who was a patron saint in England.

What does st. george's cross mean?

It was a red cross on a flag given to England by the Pope in the 13th century, just basically symbolizing their freedom and independence. Its basically the flag of England, it could be religious too. English-Catholic I'm guessing.

Which cross is on the British flag?

There are three crosses: The St. George's cross - the vertical, horizontal red cross. The St. Andrew's cross - the diagonal white cross on blue field. The St. Patrick's cross - the diagonal red cross.

What is the English emblem?

The "emblem" of England is the Rose and the Thistle. Theories abound as to the origin of this ubiquitous symbol of English glory. Most commonly attributed to the Crusades and the War of the Roses. More romantic historians have mythologized it a symbol of King Arthur and the mystical "Camelot". The Rose certainly, but the thistle is Scottish. The flag of England is the cross of St George, a red cross on a white ground. Indeed, however the Act of Settlement of 1701 established Scotland, Ireland and England as the United Kingdom. Therefore the Rose and Thistle became a symbol of national unity as well. It should also be pointed out the flags of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England are flown under the Union Jack. Of course the Union Jack is the most recognizable symbol of England to the generations that followed the Act of Settlement.Of course the Union Jack always enjoys precedence above any other flag of the UK and most commonwealth countries. _______ The rose is widely regarded (at least in England itself) as the emblem of England, the thistle is a key emblem of Scotland. (By the way, the Act of Settlement 1701 regulated the succession to the throne of England. The acts uniting England and Scotland were the Acts of Union 1707 and the act uniting Great Britain and Ireland was the Act of Union 1800. - See links).

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Who was the influence on the England flag?

The England flag is the St. Georges Cross.

What does the flag of englands patterns represent?

The St Georges Cross, which is a red addition cross on a white background, If you mean the Union Flag of the United Kingdom, it is a combination of the St Georges Cross of England, the St Andrews Cross of Scotland and the flag of Northern Ireland.

What is the meaning behind the symbols and the design of the England flag?

The England flag (as opposed to the Union Flag) is a red St Georges Cross.

What is 2 England flags?

The Union Flag and the St Georges Flag (red cross on a white background)

How was the union jack composed?

The Union Flag is composed of the flags of England (St Georges Cross), Scotland (St Andrews Cross) and Northern Ireland (St Patricks Cross).

Why does Chile and England have the same colours on the flag?

The flag of Chile is red, white and blue. The flag of England has a red St. Georges cross on a white background. There is no blue in the flag of England.

What does St Georges' cross represent?

The St. George's Cross represents the patron saint of England, Saint George. It is a red cross on a white background and is also known as the Cross of Saint George. It has been used as a national symbol for England since the Middle Ages.

What is the flag for the kingdom of England?

The flag of the United Kingdom (of which England is a part) is the Union Flag. The flag of England alone is the St Georges Cross. It's similar to US states having their own flag and also the Stars and Stripes.

What does the England flag satnd for?

The England flag is white with a red 'plus' cross and is known as the St Georges Flag. If you mean the Union Flag, sometimes erroneously referred to as the Union Jack, it is a combination of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What was the highest military honor the qween can award?

If you're referring to the Queen of England (and therefore the commonwealth), then that is the Victoria Cross.

How long the union jack has represented our country and what are it's orgins?

The Union Flag is an amalgamation of a St. Georges Cross representing England, a St. Andrews Cross representing Scotland and a St. Patricks Cross representing Ireland. Wales isn't represented on the Union Flag.

What does the cross mean on the Barcelona badge?

It is the Saint Georges cross (Sant Jordi in Catalan) Saint George is the patron Saint of Catalonia. The Saint Georges cross is often waved as a flag by Catalan's and also features on the city of Barcelona's Coat of Arms