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Louis XV : "After me, the flood" ("Apres moi, le deluge") .

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Q: What french king said after me the deluge?
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What king said after me the deluge?

It is attributed to Louis XV

Who said after you the deluge?

"Après nous le déluge" or "After us, the deluge" is often attributed to King Louis XV of France in reference to the problems he foreshawdowed for his successors due to his reign's extravagance and mismanagement.

Which French king said ''I am the state''?

Louis the XIV was the French king who said "I am the state."

What French king said you are the state?

king Louis XIV said i am the state

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Who Said after me the deluge?

"après moi le déluge" is attributed to Louis the 15th.

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What is the duration of Before the Deluge?

The duration of Before the Deluge is 2.3 hours.

Who said this pharse Il a dit Après moi le deluge?

Louis the Fifteenth a/k/a Louis Quinze.

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Deluge is a noun.

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