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The National Assembly

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Q: What governing body did the Third Estate create to pass laws in the name of the French people?
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What estate in the French revolution held the most people?

The third estate

Least powerful social class before the revolution?

The Third EstateThe estates were any social class in France before revolution1rs Estate: Clergy2nd Estate: Nobles3rd Estate: The Rest of the people (Bourgeoisie, workers & peasants)The Third Estate create the "National Assembly" to pass laws in the name of french peopleHope it help(:

What was Alexander Hamiltons personal strength?

Alexander Hamilton had visionary ways of governing, and transforming ways to create the American political landscape. He believed in Democracy, for the people and to the people.

How many people were in the 1st estate?

The First Estate, the Clergy made up approximately 1% of the French population.

True or false the Third Estate included 97 percent of the French people?


Which estate has the right to carry a sword French Revolution?

The second estate, or the nobility. These people are the only one who are allowed the right of carrying the sword.

When the First Estate of the French social order was composed of?

The first estate of France consisted of the clergy.The clergy people were the people who performed special function in the church. They were excluded from paying taxes.

Who were the third estate people during the french revolution?

Middle class, peasants, city workers, and bourgeoise.

How did the king treat the people of France in the Third Estate during the French Revolution?

harsh with unfair taxes.

What is The First Estate of the French social order was composed of?

The First Estate of the French social order was comprised of priests of the Roman Catholic Church.

Which people led the french revolution?

III estate people. those ppl were the ones who were disregarded. they were ppl other than nobels and clergy

Did the french revolution get rid of the three estates?

i think The third estate is the common people, the largest group of people in France, difficult to get rid of them. On June 17, 1789, the Third Estate began the French Revolution. The formation of the National Constituent Assembly marked the end of the Estates-General, but not of the three estates.