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The National Assembly

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Q: What governing body did the Third Estate create to pass laws in the name of the French people?
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What estate in the French revolution held the most people?

The third estate

Least powerful social class before the revolution?

The Third EstateThe estates were any social class in France before revolution1rs Estate: Clergy2nd Estate: Nobles3rd Estate: The Rest of the people (Bourgeoisie, workers & peasants)The Third Estate create the "National Assembly" to pass laws in the name of french peopleHope it help(:

How many people were in the 1st estate?

The First Estate, the Clergy made up approximately 1% of the French population.

The Second Estate of the French social order was composed of what kind of people?

The nobility.

How was the French society divided before the revolution?

It was divided into three estates. The First Estate was the Catholic clergy, the Second Estate was made up of the French nobles and the Third Estate was the vast majority of the population, the common people.

True or false the Third Estate included 97 percent of the French people?


Which estate has the right to carry a sword French Revolution?

The second estate, or the nobility. These people are the only one who are allowed the right of carrying the sword.

What where the three estates during the french revolution?

the 3 estates during the French Revolution were; members of the clergy made up the 1st estate, nobles the 2nd estate, and the rest of the people the 3rd estate. the 3rd estate included the working people of the cities and a large and prosperous middle class made up chiefly of merchants, lawyers, and government officials.

Which people would have been members of the first estate?

Catholic priests. The "first estate" under the French pre-revolutionary Ancien Régime was the clergy.

Who created the National Assembly in France?

The French people from the working class called the Third Estate.

When the First Estate of the French social order was composed of?

The first estate of France consisted of the clergy.The clergy people were the people who performed special function in the church. They were excluded from paying taxes.

What were the names of the social classes in France before the French Revolution?

The social classes were: First Estate: The richest people in France. Paid no taxes. (clergy) Second Estate: Owned 35% of French land. Could move up to the first estate. Paid no taxes. (nobles, urban workers) Third Estate: Poor people. No say in running the country. Paid all taxes. Most of the French population. No chance to making it up to the second or first estate. (peasants, laborers)

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