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republic of China

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Q: What governments ruled over china most recently?
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What ancient Chinese dynasty ruled the most of China?

AnswerThe Qin dynasty ruled the most of ancient China

What was most successful African empires had centralized governments ruled by what?


What country most recently ruled Kenya as a colony?


Who ruled china for most of its historys?

Kings and Emperors.

Who is china's most recent government?

China is currently communist and ruled by Hu Jintao

What governments hold the most power in the world?

the top 2 are the us and china

When was Genghis Khan ruler?

Genghis Khan ruled from 1206AD-1227AD. He ruled most of northern China and much of Asia.

For most of china history the country was ruled by families called?

its qing family

What is the name China derived from?

Most likely from the name of the Qin Dynasty, which ruled China during the 3rd Century BC.

Who were the Hebrews ruled by?

In the past 4000 years, they have been ruled by: Egyptians Babylonians Persians Assyrian-Greeks Romans The Catholic Church Islamic governments European Governments Today the majority of Jews are self-ruled in Israel, under a parliamentary republic with representational democracy. Most Jews living outside Israel live in democracies.

Has Europe been part of China?

Yes , the Khan destiny has ruled most of Russia. Also , the Chinese Han , have ruled Europe 4000years ago.

What kind of government is a confederation?

A Confederate Government is ruled by territories themselves. The Central Government is weak while the Territories' Governments have most of the power.