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At one time in hi

story France was ruled by a monachy a monarchy is a government ruled by a king or queen but most of the time it was a ing

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Q: At one time France was ruled by a?
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How many countries ruled France?

only the romans ruled France at one time when France was known as Gaul

At one time france was ruled by what?

A king!

At one time the countries Tunisia Algeria and Morocco were ruled by what eurpean nation?


3 countries that ruled the Iberian Peninsula?

Portugal, Spain, and France have ruled the Iberian Peninsula at one time (though some not completely).

Is France ruled by one few or many?

Well, it used to be ruled by a king and queen until the French revolution when they were executed. Now it is "ruled" by an elected prime minister and a government. It is a democracy.

What is alike about England and France?

I can't help all that much, but I can give you 2 things. 1. They were both ruled by an anarchy at one time. 2. They both are now ruled by a monarchy.

What country ruled French Indochina?

France ruled it, and this is why it was called "French" Indochina.

What family ruled France during the 1600's and 1700's?

The Bourbons, they in fact ruled for over that time and before it as well.

Is Northern Ireland ruled by France?

No, Northern Ireland is not and never has been ruled by France.

Who ruled France in 1770?

In 1770 the ruler of France was King Louis XVI. On May16, 1770 he married Marie Antoinette. At the time he was the oldest son of the king of France.

In 1940 was France ruled by a french president Germany or Italy?

In 1940 France was ruled by a french president.

Which nation sold the Louisiana territory to the United states?

This purchase was made in 1803 when Napoleon ruled France. The French did not have a king at this time.