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Your mom was born

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Q: What happened in 1840 that affected the history of measurement?
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What happened in 1840 about the Victorians?

In 1840 the the Penny Black stamp was issued. This was the first stamp in the world.

What happened in early 1840 of Victorian time?

One thing that happened in early 1840 of Victoria time was that Victoria married. She married Prince Albert who was her cousin.

What happened in the 1840 in England?

a chiken lead an egg

What area of the country was most affected by European immigration in the 1840 and 1850?


What happened in the 6th of February 1840?

The signing ceremony of the Treaty of Waitangi

When did Battle of Mazagran happen?

Battle of Mazagran happened in 1840-02.

What is the external measurement of a Mitsubishi L300 SWB?

Height:1840 mmLength:4365 mmGround Clearance:190 mm

When did Capture of Chusan happen?

Capture of Chusan happened on 1840-07-06.

When did Battle of the Barrier happen?

Battle of the Barrier happened on 1840-08-19.

What historical events happened 1800 1840?

Victoria became Queen 1937 Victoria married Prince Albert 1840. they're the only ones i know.

What happened on waitangi day in 1840?

some cheifs signed a treaty and yelled and stuff

What happened during the years 1840 1910 in Italy?

not much, besides an artist was born.