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because they could of committed treason or petty treason.

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You would be crushed

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Q: What happened in the Tudor punishment of being crushed?
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What was the most deadly Tudor punishment?

Probably being hung drawn and quartered!

What is the punishment for disobeying Tudor poor laws?

the punishment for breaking poor laws was being walked through a village and whipped until u bleed

What happened to Little Richard as punishment?

In the book Black Boy by Richard Wright little Richard's punishment was being whipped into unconsciousness.

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What was the most popular punishment in Tudor times?

One of the most common punishments was to be whipped or beaten but this only happen to the lower class the most uncommon was probably being dunked in a lake because this is a big misconception and only happen rarely.

What was a Tudor whipping boy?

A whipping boy was a person who took the punishment for a prince or lords son it was suposed to humble the prince for causing pain on another human being

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What were the Tudor jobs in Tudor times?

cooking, chimney sweeping, cleaning and being a servant

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punishment by removal is when somwthing is being taken away. An example is being grounded.

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