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They suffered by being whipped and starved.

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Q: What were some bad things that happened to slaves?
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What are some bad thing's that happened to slaves?

slaves were treated with no respect at all ( thank god its illegal)

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What happened to the bad slaves?

Depending on the period, slaves were punished using a variety of methods - for a multitude of reasons. Often, punishment was to either increase the productivity of slaves, or to inflict severe punishments to discourage rebellion by slaves. Often "bad" slaves, those who committed crimes were severely beaten, and multilated, or in some cases - murdered.

What happened if a slave was bad?

Disobedient slaves were whipped, often severely.

What happened to bad slaves?

they were punished and beat, and somtimes burned at the stake

What were some of the punishements slaves had to face?

they were bad! they were bad!

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i think they felt bad about how they had to do things. Their situation was pretty bad. If they did something wrong just slightly, they were going to pay some consequences..

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