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At 13 years of age, after being orphaned as a young girl, Mary Reibey (sometimes spelled Reiby) stole a horse as a childish prank. She was arrested and sentenced to transportation for seven years, arriving in New South Wales in October 1792. In 1794 she married Thomas Reibey, a man who had worked with the British East India Company in Asia. They were granted a small piece of land north of Sydney, on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. Mary worked on the farm and helped in her husband's wine and spirits business in Macquarie Place in Sydney. Thomas and his business partner Edward Wills owned three merchant ships by 1807 and were doing well importing merchandise into Sydney. In 1811 Thomas died and Mary was left alone with seven children. Within weeks Edward Wills also died, leaving Mary in charge of a large business. Soon after, Mary was granted another 80 hectares of land near Sydney. She went on to buy more land in Tasmania as well as in and near Sydney town itself. Mary Reibey is recognized as one of Australia's founders of organizations that continue to this day. For example she was one of the governors of the Free Grammar School, a precursor to Sydney Grammar. Currently, she is remembered on the $20 note.

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Q: What happened with Mary Reibey and and why did she get sent on the first fleet and more information on Mary Reibey?
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