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You would be flogged with the birch.

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Q: What happens if you break the school rules on Tudor times?
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What happened if you break school rules in Tudor times?

You would be flogged severely with the birch on your bare buttocks.

Did the Tudor children get free time in school hours?

probably about an hour or less for lunch and maybe a very short break in between. Different schools, different rules I guess though..

What happens when words misbehave and break the rules?

The answer for the question is "THEY GET SENTENCED!"

What happens when you break the rules in a game of rounders?

Certain penalties will be incurred depending on which rules are broken.

Why are there school rules?

There are school rules because, they don want to get hurt like broke your legs hit their elbows , and make them study harder and more u give school rules , no one wants to break the rules.

What were the rules of Tudor courtship?

no she didnt

Can a student with A plus blood be expelled from school if they behave badly and break the school rules?

Yes. The penalties for breaking the rules at school do not depend on a person's blood type.

Why does school have a lot of rules?

they dont want to be sewed if something happens

What happens if the teacher catches you kissing in school?

That depends on the school's rules. They are probably different based on your age as well.

What were Tudor school rules?

Tudor school rules..hmm..Anyone caught gambling or drinking will be given a beating.Anyone who is late to school will be given a beating.Any trips to alehouses during school time will be resulted in a beating.Anyone who put their elbows on the table will be given a beating.Anyone who loses or misplaces their cap will be given 3 whips.Hope I helped :)From ANONYMOUS (aged 13) lol x

What happens if you sink the eight ball on a break?

other player wins Rules vary from place to place and person to person. Some play with rules that if you sink the 8 on the break you win, like the APA pool league.