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Unemployment, Poverty, prejudiced treatment by white people around them, under payment for work done, a justice system that was slanted against them and an education system that deliberately made it hard for them.and lots died and were killed

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Q: What hardships did slaves face after they were free?
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What did slaves doto survive the hardships of slavery?

slaves had to run tored the north star to get free

What hardships did slaves face?

long day of work, phyisical abuse, no legal standing

What hardships did shackleton face?

he faced metal hardships

What hardships did slaves face in the middle passage?

Slaves faced many hardships while being shipped across the Atlantic. Crowded and unsanitary conditions resulted in massive disease outbreaks on ships. Malnutrition affected most slaves to some degree, as good food was not avaliable on ships. Slaves sometimes killed themselves, or were killed as punishment for rebellion. An estimated 15% of slaves died during transport.

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What are specific hardships the African slaves had?

none the slaves did not own ships

What hardships did Shackleton's explorers face?

he faced metal hardships

What hardships did the homesteaders face How did they meet some of the challenges?

they were given free land but they had to fix it and live there for a amount of time

What challenges did free slaves face in Canada?


What hardships did the face?

cold winters

What were some of the problems they would be forced to face once the slaves were free?

they forced them to get a life!