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the impact that it had on the revolution of France was the fact that it the people of France started to believe in what they thought and not what others thought. they started to follow the philiphers

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the impact that it had on the revolution of france was the fact that it the people of france started to believe in what they thought and not what others thought. they started to follow the philiphers

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Q: What impact did enlightenment ideas have on the French Revolution?
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What was the impact of Enlightenment on the Western culture and politics?

Enlightenment thinkers of Europe had a profound impact on Western culture and politics. For example, their ideas heavily influenced the American Revolution and the French Revolution, both of which were rooted in democratic ideals.

What 2 revolutions were directly affected by the enlightenment ideas?

American Revolution and French Revolution. They were both justified themselves with Enlightenment ideals.

How did the enlightenment ideas influence the french?

How the Enlightenment influenced the French Revolution was by challenging the monarchy and the wealthiest classes .

Which law held many of the enlightenment ideas of the French Revolution?

The Napoleonic Code.

Who were influenced by enlightenment ideas?

Various thinkers, philosophers, and political leaders were influenced by Enlightenment ideas, including Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire, Immanuel Kant, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. These ideas had a profound impact on the development of democratic principles, individual rights, and the concept of freedom in governance. The Enlightenment also played a key role in shaping revolutions such as the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

Did some of the ideas from the Enlightenment lead to the French and Indian War?

No, it lead to the American Revolution.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau's ideas were most important to which movement?

The Enlightenment

How did the enlightenment affect Latin America?

The enlightenment created the Decleration Right of Men in the French Revolution. Naopoleon over threw the government. It's just like the liberator in the French Revolution. It also spread enlightenment ideas such as Voltare etc..

What enlightenment thinker did napoleon follow?

He was a follower of Rousseau and a supported many ideas of the French Revolution.

What was the French revolution for?

Some major causes of the French Revolution were incapable rulers, unbalanced Estates General, economic collapse, Enlightenment ideas, and wasteful royalty.

The enlightenment and the great awakening caused?

The ideas of the enlightenment mostly influenced American revolution.

How did the enlightenment philosophies contribute to the start of the Age of Revolution?

The Enlightenment did not directly contribute to the outbreak of the French Revolution, but the French revolution does embody some of the enlightenment ideas. Enlightenment thinkers promoted ideas of progress and natural law in all aspects of society. This can be seen in the writings of Montesquieu, Rousseau, and Voltaire. Ideas of the French Revolution derived from the Enlightenment are as follows: Constitutional monarchy, Liberal government, Division of powers among the nobles, the monarchy, and the representatives of the cities to replace the Old Regime, The Declaration of the Rights of Man, The Social Contract, Popular Sovereignty, and the Enlightened Absolutism.