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Rousseau's ideas inspire many leaders of the French Revolution. Rousseau fought for individual freedom. He though that a direct democracy was the best form of government.

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Rousseau's ideas inspire many leaders of the French Revolution. Rousseau fought for individual freedom. He though that a direct democracy was the best form of government.

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challenging monarchy and the wealthiest classes

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Q: What were some of the enlightenment ideas that helped inspire the french revolution?
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What was a popular Enlightenment philosophy that helped to inspire the American Revolution?

divine right

What significant american event helped inspire the french revolution?

It was the American Revolution, and its success, that significantly inspired the French Revolution. The French Revolution lasted from 1789 to 1799.

What ideas influenced the french revolution?

The French Revolution was influenced by the enlightenment ideals of "natural law" and freedom. These ideals were also shown in the Declaration of the Rights of Man. Hope this helped(:

How was the American Revolution a cause of the French Revolution?

There are two ways in which the American Revolution helped cause the French Revolution:The French paid an exorbitant amount of money to help sustain the Colonial Rebel Army and for French armies and navies to fight against the British. As a result, French coffers were notoriously bankrupt.The ideas of the American Revolution, such as the equality of all people and personal freedoms were very attractive to the French bourgeoisie who were limited by authoritarian laws and legal inequalities with the French nobility and clergy. The success of the American Revolution served to inspire the French to rise up and clamor for equality.

His ideas helped inspire the french revolution?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was the inspiration behind the French Revolution. The leaders of the revolt praised his concept of undivided sovereignty. In his book, "The Social Contract", he stated that the government can't exist unless it looks out for the welfare and equality of its citizens.

How did the US react to the French Revolution?

they liked the idea of the French Revolution and it helped them.

What is the significant of revolution Enlightenment?

The Enlightenment revolutionized thinking by promoting reason, science, and individualism over traditional authority and dogma. It helped inspire political revolutions and the establishment of democratic governments, as well as advancements in areas like education, human rights, and secularism. It laid the foundation for modern Western society and values.

What 2 wars helped cause the French Revolution?

The French and Indian War and the American Revolution.

How did foreign aid helped America?

When USA had the American Revolution, the French helped us in the end of the revolution

How were the colonies affected by the enlightenment?

The Enlightenment helped inspire colonists to question traditional authority and embrace ideas of natural rights, democracy, and freedom. These ideals influenced the development of revolutionary ideas in the colonies, which played a key role in events leading up to the American Revolution. Key figures like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were influenced by Enlightenment philosophy in drafting documents such as the Declaration of Independence.

What was the French response to the American Revolution?

They helped the American revolutionaries then had a revolution of heir own.

What was the name of the organization Napoleon was a part of during the french revolution which helped him gain leadership experience?

Order opf the french Revolution