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The Chinese have impacted the United States in various ways. Most of the trade activities that China does with the US has influenced the production and quality of manufacturing products and it has also contributed to the growth of the US economy among other things

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The chinese helped build railroads in the mid 1800's

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Q: What impacts did Chinese Immigrants have on the cultural economic and or political history of the US?
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What did the Chinese migration groups experience?

The Chinese migration groups experienced bad things. For example, the immigrants were mainly peasant farmers who left their homes because of economic and political troubles in China.

Why were the chinesse so discriminated against as immigrants?

Chinese immigrants faced discrimination in the United States due to factors such as cultural differences, economic competition, and racism. They were seen as a threat to American jobs and wages, which led to exclusionary laws like the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 that severely restricted Chinese immigration and naturalization. Racist attitudes and stereotypes also played a significant role in the discrimination against Chinese immigrants.

What are the push factors for Chinese immigrants?

Push factors for Chinese immigrants include political instability, poverty, lack of economic opportunities, discrimination, and restrictions on personal freedoms in their home country. These factors often motivate individuals to seek better living conditions and opportunities abroad.

What are the influence of Filipino to the Chinese?

Filipino culture has been influenced by Chinese cuisine, traditions, and language due to historical interactions and trade between the two countries. Chinese immigrants have also played a significant role in shaping the cultural and economic landscape of the Philippines.

What are the Four significant outcomes of the 1949 Communist Revolution in China?

The victory of the Communists in the Chinese Civil War made vast changes to the people and institutions of the country. Four of the outcomes include the cultural revolution, the great leap forward, political reform, and economic reform.

What happened as a result of anti-Chinese legislation?

Mexican immigrants came into the country.

Was the Chinese cultural revolution a success or failure?

a failure, it ruined economic supplies for millions

what was used in the US in the late 1800s to depict Chinese immigrants as the cause of economic problems?

All of the above - Apex

When did the Chinese start to imigrate to Australia?

The gold rush of the early 1850s in Victoria. was responsible for large numbers of immigrants making their way into Victoria. the majority of these immigrants were Chinese from the south of China. Political upheaval and natural disasters had cause great poverty in the homeland. The Chinese immigrants referred to the goldfields as the 'New Gold Mountain'.

What regions of Asia were most drawn to Chinese cultural and political models?

pacific rim islands

Who were the laborers who built the railroads?

Chinese immigrants

After the railroads were finished what did nativists fear that Chinese workers would do?

Take jobs from whites.