What is Bastile Day?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, it's a French holiday. Think of it as the 4th of July for the French. Bastille Day represents the French Revolution in 1789 against the tyranny of King Louis XVI, who had brought upon starvation and injustice to the people. The classes were separated by too big of a margin, and on the 14th the people began to riot and stormed the famous French prison, la Bastille, releasing those prisoners taken by the King and arming themselves against their own government. In the end, they cut off his head.

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In France, the 14th of July is called "Bastille day" or "le quatorze juillet" (or Fête Nationale).

It commemorates a celebration in 1790, which itself honored the day in 1789 when the Bastille prison was stormed by a mob, marking the event as the beginning of the French Revolution. The citizens were reportedly only looking for ammunition in the fortress, but it was also a symbol of Royal authority in Paris.

Bastille day is all about when the peasants of France revolted against the authorities by storming the Bastille, a prison for political prisoners on 7th July 1789. The peasants were able to enter and overtake the building not because it wasn't well enough guarded or strong enough (It had extremly thick walls and there were lots of soldiers there) but because the governer of the Bastille at the time was useless at making desicions and so non of the soldiers knew what to do. Because of this, when the peasants demanded to be let in, the guards opened the door and let them walk right in!

The Storming ofthe Bastille is seen as the beginning of the French Revolution and there is a big celebration in France every year on the 7th July.

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Q: What is Bastile Day?
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What are facts about the storming of the Bastille and the Tennis Court Oath?

This was a very dramatic event and a lot of people got killed. There are no "fun" facts to be mentioned. -- Answer-- 1. The Bastille was both and amoury and a prison for upper class political prisoners.. 2. Most of the prison guards were retired soldiers and not young men.. 3. There were only 8 prisoners on the day of the storming and all were released. 4. The French decided to storm the Bastile because they feared the King's soldiers would killed them and stop the uprise.. Remember the Bastile was an amoury and had guns and gun powder. 5. The Bastille did not have an source of water and only had enough food for two days. 6. The French people decided to destroy the Bastille however they didn't have machinery so they tore it down by hand.. *NOTE the Bastille was a huge keep (fort) with some stones bigger than a car

What popular protest would play a role in the french revolution?

the fall of the bastilleMost would point to the Storming of the Bastille (in 1789), but there were other "popular" protests before that. Perhaps the refusal by members of the Third Estate to accept traditional rules for voting in the Estates General--and then walking out in protest to make the Tennis Court Oath--was the first "popular" protest.the fall of the BastilleThe fall of the BastillThe fall of the BastilleIt became a sure fire grass roots event based on two events which were spontaneous. The Women's March on Versailles on 5 October 1789 which is also known as the Bread March and of course the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789.The Women's Bread March on Versailles.

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When was The Destruction of the Bastile created?

The Destruction of the Bastile was created in 1789.

Bastile day marks the anniversary of the french revolution. Why did Persians storm the prison in 1789?

to get gun powder

When do the french celebrate bastile day?

It is the French national celebration, on July 14th.

What role did Bastille have during the French revolution?

As i know Bastile is located on France and it was a prison place for the population that didn't pay the taxes.When the independence day of France started,Bastile destroyed from the population of France as a sign of independence :) Sorry for my spelling :)

Where did Bastile Day originate?

It originated from the storming of the prison Bastille in France, it marked the begginning of the French revolution. however there was only seven prisoners in the prison when it was stormed

Who stormed the Bastile?

The Bastille was stormed by the third estate parisians

Which Black female singer sang la Marseillaise on Bastile day in Paris?

how about Mabel Mercer? American opera diva Jessye Norman sang La Marseillaise in the Place de la Concorde during the 200th anniversary Bastille Day celebrations in 1989.

Why was the bastile important?

The storming of the Bastille was important as it proved to all of France that the Parisians was the main power in Paris.

What was Louis xvi doing during the capturing of the Bastile?

eating and partying because he didn't t know about the Bastille

What was the name of the famous prison which people broke into at the time of the french revolution?

The name of the prison is the Bastile and the name of the event was Storming of the bastille on 14 July 1789.

What chapter does MME Defarge saw off the guard of the Bastile's head in a Tale of Two Cities?

Book 2- Chapter 22 The Sea Still Rises

What is a bastille?

A bastille is a castle tower or fortified building, or a prison or jail.