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Q: What is Czechs word for competition?
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Whose demands were met by the Austrian emperor?

Magyars and Czechs.s.e.g.

Can you make a sentence with the word competition?

i was in a math competition

What type of noun is the word competition?

The word competition is a singular, common, abstract noun.

Why weren't the czechs invited to the Munich conference?

The Czechs were not invited to the Munich conference by the British or French. The British and French though that the Czechs would not help make a deal with Hitler.

What is the Latin meaning of Competition?

The latin word for 'competition' is 'concorrenza'.

What is this word unscrambled motpicteino what word is it?

Competition is the word.

What do Czechs eat?


Is a gymnastics 'meet' a competition?

Yes, A gymnastics meet is a competition. It is just another word for a competition.

Can you give me a sentence using the word competition?

Competition is when you compete with someone.

What verb is connected with competition?

the verb compete is connected with the word competition.

What is equally true of Czechs Slovaks and Hungarians?

The following statements are true for Czechs Slovaks and Hungarians:They are EuropeansThey are Eastern Europeans

What is Czechs biggest export?