What is Louis XIV religion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Louis XIV was a Roman Catholic.

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Q: What is Louis XIV religion?
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What was the religion of Louis xiv?


What King is called the Sun King?

King Louis XIV.

Is Louis XIV single?

No, Louis XIV is not single.

What are louis attitudes towards other religion?

Louis XIV attitudes towards other religions was that everyone should belong to the Catholic Church.

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King Louis XVI the Sun King?

Louis XIV

What was Louis XIV 2 sisters name?

Louis XIV had no sisters.

Who was Louisiana named after?

======King Louis XIV

Marie Antoinette was the wife of Louis XIV of France?

No. She was the wife of Louis XVI, not Louis XIV.

Similarities between Louis XIV and XVI?

The things that are similar is that Louis XIV and XIV both mean the 14TH

When was Louis XIV - album - created?

Louis XIV - album - was created in 2003.