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To answer this question one must understand the purpose of a flag in international waters. It represents the country or organization for which the ship is sailing.

Looking back at history, you will find that the cross on sail is the exact same cross used by the Knights Templar.

Study the Knights Templar and you will learn that ofter the inquisition, 3 high ranking officials of the Knights Templar escaped to Scotland and formed the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. They built the Roslyn Chapel before the discovery of America. Located inside the Chapel are carvings of corn and tobacco leaves; both of which are not indigenous to the region of Europe.....only in America.

One of the people that escaped was named Sinclair. Sinclair had a shipping company that shipped good to Nova Scotia. Therefore, he had foreknowledge of America.

Look into history further and you will learn that Christoper Columbus was also a Freemason/Knights Templar. The maps were given to Columbus by Sinclair.

Today Freemasonry is powerful in the United States today. One look at Washington DC and you will find the symbols connecting them to our founding fathers.

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Q: What is The cross on the Nina pinta santa maria main sails?
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