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They aren't necessarily. The Abbey's own website states:

'Westminster Abbey has hosted only sixteen royal weddings in its long history (of reigning monarchs or those who, had it been established at the time, were entitled to the style "Royal Highness"). History records a number of weddings taking place "at Westminster" but his did not necessarily mean at the Abbey. Another probable venue was St Stephen's chapel in the Palace of Westminster. Whitehall Palace and Greenwich Palace were two of the locations used by Henry VIII. St James's Palace and St George's chapel Windsor were also popular with later monarchs and their children. Princess Patricia, a grand-daughter of Queen Victoria, began the modern trend for royal marriages at Westminster Abbey in 1919 and Princess Mary and Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, who married the future George VI, chose to follow her example.' However, in more recent history:

Several Royal Weddings have been held elsewhere. The Duke and Duchess of Kent were married in York Minster; Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married in St. Paul's Cathedral; the Queen's youngest son Prince Edward and his wife Sophie were married in St. George's Chapel Windsor; and for his second wedding to Camilla, Prince Charles married in the Guildhall, Windsor, followed by a Service of Blessing in St. George's Chapel. Of the Queen's grandchildren, only Prince William was married in Westminster Abbey. Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn were married in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, and his sister, Zara Phillips, married Mike Tindall in the Cannongate Kirk, Edinburgh.

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it is famous because it is the only convent which has a nun named Abbey and Westminster in it.

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Royal wedding's

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Q: What is Westminster Abbey noted for?
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