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an expedition

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Q: What is a Long journey of exploration and discovery called?
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How did George Vancouver get to Vancouver?

He did so by ship, during a very long journey of exploration.

What is a Long Sea Journey?

A long sea journey is called a voyage.

What are two adjectives are descriptive phrases that describe Lewis and Clark's expedition?

Long journey and exploration

What has the author Frederick Bradnum written?

Frederick Bradnum has written: 'The long walks' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Discovery and exploration

What was the group called that was known for making a long religious journey?

In Christianity The three wise men took a long journey to Bethlehem.

What is a long often difficult journey called?


Henry hudson years of exploration?

the cost of explorations was like things he had to give up on going on this exploration such as he had to give up his life for the long journey

What were the long term effects of the Spanish exploration on native Americans?

the long term effects on columbus's "discovery" of the native american people were that he killed most of them and there is not that many or at all, alive. he wiped them out with all his soldiers and disease.

What does lil boosie song called dear god i thank you for?

Long journey

What allowed for longer sea voyages during European exploration?

The discovery that fresh fruit (particularly limes) prevented scurvy was important in improving the health of sailors on long distance voyages.

Why is the Honda Odyssey called the Odyssey?

Because odyssey means a long trip or journey

When was The Long Journey created?

The Long Journey was created in 1908.