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cash crop

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Q: What is a crop grown for direct sale in a market called?
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A crop grown to sell on the world market?

cash crop

If corn is called crop what is oranges?

anything that is or can be grown on a field or grown by farmers is a crop.

What does Direct Land mean?

it is a land which cannot be used after a crop is grown

What are cash crops grown for?

a readily salable crop that is grown and gathered for the market (as vegetables or cotton or tobacco)

What is crop grown on very wet lands called?

Probably rice.

What crop grown in 1799 was the only crop commercially grown in SC?


What cash crop is grown in Columbia?

Coffee is the cash crop grown in Columbia.

Is salt a crop?

No. Salt is mined, not grown. A crop is something that is grown -- plants.

What is a crop grown in us that starts with letter s?

Soybeans are a crop grown in the US.

What is the most common crop grown in Britain?

the modt common crop grown in Britain is wheat.

What is a crop grown only to sell?

cash crop

A single crop grown for sale?

cash crop