What is a feudal dues?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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fees peasants paided the nobles during the Crusades

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Q: What is a feudal dues?
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Which of the three estates' main income was feudal dues?

The Second Estate.

Who abolished tithes and feudal dues?

The feudal system along with its tithes and dues was abolished in France by the August Decrees adopted by the National Constituent Assembly in 1789. This happened after the fall of the Bastille as part of the French Revolution.

What were the feudal dues during the French Revolution?

These were fees and taxes that could be paid in 3 forms: Money, in kind, with labor. Even peasants who owned land were not excused from the feudal dues. On top of that another source of income was the rent that the lord could charge. What are feudal dues? Taxes and fees (cens, an annual property tax paid to the lord of the manor. Champart, a tax that was paid in kind.

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When was Sound Dues created?

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