What is a jute?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A member of a germanic people that may have come from JUTLAND and, according to the venerable bede, joined the angles and Saxons in invading Britain in the 5th century, settling in a region including Kent and the Isle of Wight.


Jute in tagalog word is Saluyot a green leafy vegetable that is eaten by Filipino people, mostly by Ilocanos from Northern part of the Philippines.

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Q: What is a jute?
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Who is the inventor of the history of jute life?


Who was the leader of the jutes?

Hengist and horsa were two brothers who led the jute invasion of Britain

Why did Britain's Empire and overseas trade grow?

because they traded lots of things example: tea,jute and cotton from India cheese and meat from Newzealand cotton and gold from Canada

Who were the Germanic tribes that settled in Britain after the Romans departed?

The Germanic tribes that settled in Britain after the Romans departed were called the Angles, Saxons and Jutes. They were brought over to England as mercenaries by the Celtic petty-kings to help in their struggles between each other. The Gremanics, when they realised their opportunity, brought more of their peoples over from Germany and took over. Ftom them comes the later name England (Angle-land) and the term Anglo-Saxon. Today we still have continental names Saxony in Germany, and and Jutland (Jute Land) in Denmark (Dane-mark)..

Why was India an important county to the british empire?

Because there was so much of it I guess. It spread Christianity & taught the 'Natives' how to beat us at Cricket. (Which they now do on an all too regular basis) Oh, and we, the British, made an awful lot of money from it. It's my hope that History will, in the long term, judge the Empire Britain had as a good thing for the world. If that's not the case then someone will have to come up with something better...... here's hoping ! Cricket isn't a British game its an English game really.. Football is much more-so in Scotland and also England Wales its more Rugby noted for Ireland and Scotland also Shinty

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Scientific name of jute?

Scientific names of jute are as follows: - for white jute = corchorus capsularis - for tossa jute = corchorus olitorius

Which is the process by which jute fiber is obtained from the bark of jute plant?

jute plant is obtained from the stem of the jute plant

How is jute obtained?

from the jute plant

What are the disadvantages of jute?

jute has no brightness

What is the common name for jute plant?

This is from the wikipedia article on Jute.Tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius)White jute (Corchorus capsularis)

Which is the main source of jute?

Jute fibres are obtained from two plants; White Jute (Corchorus capsularis) and Tossa Jute (Corchorus olitorius).

How do you obtain jute fibre from their plant?

Jute Bags are made in Jute Mills or Factories manufacturing Jute Products through processes which are Weaving, Laminating, Cutting, Printing, Stitching with Finishing and Checking with Packing. Various companies like LittleEarthGroup and so on are involved in the manufacturing of Jute Bags, which are made out of Pure Natural Jute. These Jute Bags are Eco-Friendly because of being Fully Bio-Degradable & Reusable.

What is jute yarn?

Jute yarn is a scratchy pain in the butt. Don't ever wear jute wear.

Is jute a renewable or a non-renewable resource?

Jute is a plant.All plants are renewable.So Jute is a renewable resource.

What are nouns in ''sacks are made of jute''?

The nouns in "sacks are made of jute" are "sacks" and "jute."

What is the birth name of Alexander Jute?

Alexander Jute's birth name is Alexander Willy Hugo Person Jute.

What does jute plant give us?

The plant which is known as jute plant is named after the product it gives us which is jute