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Someone from Moscow, Russia is known as a Muscovite.

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Q: What is a native of Moscow called?
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What is a native animal to Moscow Russia?

Siberian tiger

Is there a country in Africa called moscow?

No, Moscow is the capital of Russia.

What was Moscow called during world war 2?


What are people from mascow called?

Natives of Moscow are called Muscovites

What was Moscow called before it was called Moscow?

Moscow, called Moskva in Russia, has pretty much always been called that. It is named for the river that it is located on, the Moskva River, originally "Grad Moskov" the city by the Moskva River. In ancient times it was the capital of the Grand Duchy of Muscovy.

Who is the mayor of moscow?

Moscow is a city and is the capital of Russia. The president of Russia is currently Dmitri Medvedev. Moscow's mayor is Yuri Luzhkov. There is also a district called Moscow Oblast, which is similar to a state in the USA. The governor of Moscow Oblast is Boris Gromov.

What city has a government building called the Kremlin?


What is the citadel of Moscow called?

You may be referring to the Kremlin.

What is the date of the battle of Moscow?

The date for the Battle of Moscow is October 2nd 1941. The Germans called this battle Operation Typhoon.

What is the name of Russia's subway system?

The subway system in Moscow is called the "Metro". A railway station is called a "vokzal" or maybe a "stantsiya", a Subway Station is called a "Stantsii Metro". There are about 200 subway stations in Moscow and the network is growing.

What is one word containing the root of ite and means native?

I think "ite" is a suffix NOT a root word.However suburbanite means a native of the suburbs if that helps.A Moscovite lives in Moscow

What is the native of Scotland called?

What is the native of Scotland called? Scottish