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It's called "blade" or a "sail".

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Q: What is an arm of a windmill called?
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What is the windmill episode of courage the cowardly dog?

It is called Windmill Vandals

What are windmill vanes called?

Windmill vanes are called blades or sails. These are attached to the rotor of the windmill and capture the wind's energy to generate power or perform mechanical work.

What is the famous technique for the long jump called?

The famous technique where you swing you arms in windmill like motion is called the windmill.

What are the things that spin on a windmill called?

They are called arms

What are the ends of a windmill called?

The ends of a windmill are called blades. They are attached to the rotor and capture the wind's energy to produce mechanical power or electricity.

What is a windmill roof called ca?

cap ?

What is a group of windmill called?

A group of windmills is called a Wind farm.

What are the two types of piching in fast-pich?

Windmill (full arm circle) and a flick (more just an underarm throw)

Windmill blade called?

vane - Any of several usually relatively thin, rigid, flat, or sometimes curved surfaces radially mounted along an axis, as a blade in a turbine or a sail on a windmill, that is turned by or used to turn a fluid.

How do you say windmill in French?

A windmill is un moulin à vent in French. A modern wind turbine is called une éolienne.

What muscles are used in catching a ball?

the arm muscles which are called reflexs. the arm muscles which are called reflexs. the arm muscles which are called reflexs.

Where is the oldest windmill now?

The oldest windmill still standing is likely the Chesterton Windmill in Warwickshire, England, believed to have been built in the 1630s. It is a well-preserved example of a stone tower mill and is still operational, though it is now primarily a tourist attraction.