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they heard that federick was flogging his animal on foxwood farm

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Q: What moved the animals to attack federick and his men at the battle of the windmill?
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What is the difference between battle of cowshed and battle of windmill in animal farm?

the Battle of Cowshed was when the animals rebelled against the farmers (Mr.Jones) to drive them off. the battle of the windmill was when the animals fought fredreich and other humans. It was also when the windmill was ruined.

Why did the animals attack Frederick in The battle of windmill in animal farm?

He faked a bunch of bank statements and basically took the extra timber that the animals were supposed to sell to him for free

What moved the animals to attack Frederick and his men at the battle of the windmill?

The animals attacked Fredrick and his men because they felt so much anger towards them when they saw his men blow up the windmill (and all of their hard work disappear); Boxer had also rallied the animals together.

What will the windmill provide in the Animal Farm?

The Battle of the Windmill affected the animals of Animal Farm greatly. The animals had spent two years building the windmill and within a few minutes all their hard work had been destroyed. Put yourself in the animals position. How would you feel? Your blood, sweat and tears were basically a waste and nothing is left of your hardship.

What thinking lies behind Squealer's claim of victory in the Battle of the Windmill?

He knew that the battle of the windmill was an utter lost as the purpose was to protect the windmill. However, in order to distract the animals from the truth, Squealer thus exclaimed that the battle of the windmill was a victory.

What was the name of the battle between the humans and animals in Animal Farm?

The first battle is called the Battle of the Cowshed - this battle includes and is lead by Mr Jones. The second battle is called the Battle of the Windmill, and this battle is lead by Mr. Frederick. The result of this battle is the demolition of the windmill.

What do Frederick and his men do to destroy the windmill in the book animal farm?

Frederick and his men blow up the windmill with dynamite, causing it to crumble and be destroyed. They also engage in a violent battle with the animals of Animal Farm during the attack.

How do the pigs feel during the battle of the windmill?

they are mad because they built the windmill. During the battle of the windmill they have to rebuild the windmill

What is the name of the battle in animal farm?

battle cowshed, battle of windmill

What turns the battle of the windmill in the animal's favor?

Being frightened by Fredrick and his men they ran into the barn and watched as the men tried to destroy the windmill. Napoleon questioned why they would try since the walls were too thick, but Benjamin understood that they were building a hole to shoove some dynamite to explode the windmill. when it bursted into flames as if it was never there the animals in such rage, savagely attacked the men as they tried to flee making the battle of success. in other words, the distruction of the windmill gave the animals favor realizing their hard work went to waste.

What is the name of the 3 battles in Animal Farm?

battle cowshed, battle of windmill

What did the pigs discover in the basement of the farmhouse after the battle of the windmill?

it was the hf