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an apt example of neocolonialism is the attack o on Iraq and Afghanistan by the USA under Bush. The USA has a lot of economic and political power to do whatever it wishes and assume the role of the global moral police without being appointed.

unfortunately due to their enormous strength and power no one dares to QUESTION their actions

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Q: What is an example of neocolonialism?
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What does neocolonialism?

Neo before a word means that there is a modern equivalent to that words meaning. Neocolonialism suggests that modern trade is equivalent to colonialism.

What are the effects of neocolonialism?

neocolonialism leaves the used country in disarray after they were used.Using the instruments of neocolonialism,the used country is often buried in debts and contracts to the more powerful country who used them.Oftentimes,there will be permanent alliance to that country who they asked for had influenced them.

What imperialism today is similar to japan's imperialism?


What are the examples of cultural and economical neocolonialism?

Cultural neocolonialism can be seen in the dominance of Western media and cultural products in many countries, leading to the marginalization of local cultures. Economical neocolonialism is evident in the exploitation of cheaper labor and resources in developing countries by multinational corporations from developed countries, leading to economic dependency and unequal power dynamics.

What Asian countries are still under the influence of neocolonialism?

Philippines. Its a Asian

How do Africans break from the chains of neocolonialism?

Africans can break from neocolonialism by promoting economic self-reliance, investing in education and technology, creating strong regional partnerships, and ensuring transparent governance to resist external influence and promote sustainable development.

What are the consequences of neocolonialism?

The consequences of neocolonialism include economic exploitation, political instability, cultural erosion, and social inequality. It often leads to the marginalization of local populations, loss of autonomy, and perpetuation of power imbalances between former colonizers and colonized nations.

What the 5 kind of neocolonialism?

One kind is Indonesia invading West Papua and East Timor.

What country is under the influence of neocolonialism?

Gabon (Port Gentile), Jamaica, and many African countries.

What does neocolonialism means?

Neocolonialism refers to the continued economic, political, and cultural influence exerted by former colonial powers and other developed nations over former colonies or developing countries. It can manifest through economic exploitation, unequal power dynamics, and dependency relationships that perpetuate underdevelopment and hinder self-determination.

What three political and economic theories were in conflict during world war 2?

Communism, democracy and neocolonialism

How does neocolonialism manifest itself in Africa?

Through the economic, social and political affairs of different countries most especially African countries