What is hakka?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Hakka (Mandarin: Kèjiā) are a subgroup of the Han Chinese people who live predominantly in the provinces of Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Fujian in China. Their ancestors were often said to have arrived from Northern China or Central China centuries ago. It is still a contested issue where the Hakka originated. It is said that in a series of migrations, the Hakkas moved, settled in their present locations in southern China, and then migrated overseas to various nations throughout the world. The Hakka have had a significant influence on the course of Chinese and overseas Chinese history: in particular, they have been a source of revolutionary, political and military leaders. Hakkas are most commonly found in the southern Chinese provinces, but may also be found in the northern provinces; for example there are television news programs read in Hakka in Xi'an (Shaanxi). The presence of Hakkas is pan-China.

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Q: What is hakka?
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Hakka TV was created in 2003.

When was Hakka Party created?

Hakka Party was created in 2006-10.

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The Council for Hakka Affairs was created on June 13, 2001.

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Hu Jintao Is he a hakka?

No, his ethnic group is Han (汉族). Hakka are also Han, so is cantonese, Hokkien, wu, xiang,etc.what is a han anyways?its just a way to categorise some group. About Hu Jintao is a Hakka or not , that I am not sure. All I can say is that He is selected by Deng Xiaoping who is a famous Hakka. Why didn't he select a Hakka if Hu Jintao is not a Hakka? Why did he gave up the power to other ethnic group? He could do that , but I don't know. Besides, Hu Jintao's behaviour and attitude seems to be like the Hakkas, but then again, he could be faking it, I don't know. He also looks a lot like Li Peng, the Hakka premier ,along with Hakka paramount leader Deng Xiaoping,who sent tanks to Tianannmen massacre.

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to frighten away the opponent's.

Who founded the Vijayanagara dynasty?

Hakka & Bhukka

Is Lee Kuan Yew a Hakka?


Who established the kingdom of mysore?

Hakka Bukka

What was the earliest Chinese tribe called?

hakka. was a tribe that was part of the han dynasty that was prettie early. and a lot of the hakka's think that their the first Chinese tribe.

What rugby team does the hakka?

The New Zealand All Blacks ae considered the most famous for the Hakka. However, both Tonga and Fiji have their version as well.