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Q: What is payment demanded by rulers from the people they rule called?
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What is payment demanded by rulers from the people they rule?


Why were so many monarchs in European called Absolute rulers?

they were called absolute rulers because people believe that they have absolute powers granted by god so the people need to follow the rulers. The rulers also have divine-rights and they were responsible to no one but god.

What is the form of government in which people select their rulers called?


Did the Jews crucify Jesus?

No the Romans did. The Jews did not directly crucify Jesus , but they demanded that the Romans who were their rulers and Pilate the Governer gave the order to crucify Jesus.

What is a form of government called in which the people select their rulers?

A democracy.

What are the rulers from ancient Egypt called?

The rulers of ancient Egypt were called "pharohs".

What title was given to the rulers of ancient Egypt?

The rulers of ancient Egypt were called pharaohs.

What were the Aztec rulers called?

The Aztec rulers were known as the Mexica

How do the existing rulers react to people's demands in India?

if the rulers are good and have the thought to help people then they will try or rulers will complete their right wishes and if rulers are bad they will not complete people wishes or they will complete by taking bribe from people

What are former Russian rulers called?

Some former Russian rulers were called tsars or czars.

The rulers of ancient Egypt were what?

ancient Egyptian rulers were called Pharaohs.

According to daoists how should rulers behave?

Rulers should show how good they are to there people because the people get there character from there rulers, and maybe the people might do some bad to them if the rulers don't treat then very good.