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the Qung Dongs

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Q: What were the rulers of early China called?
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What are the accient rulers of china called?


What dynasty were China's first rulers from?

China's first rulers were from the Xia dynasty.

What characteristics defined the civilization that developed in china under its early rulers?

Was mostly a farming society ruled by aristocracy

Was the shang the first family of rulers in china?

Yes, the Shang was the first family rulers in China

Who China was ruled by Emperors that usually came from the same family. This line of rulers was called?


Where did china's first rulers come from?


Whats it called when in China good rulers are supported by heavens and bad rulers would be overthrown?

That is called the Mandate Of Heaven or Tian Ming The mandate of heaven (tian ming 天命).

Why were legalist rulers unpopular in ancient China?

legalist rulers were unpopular because there were few rulers

What were the rules of early china called?

Emperors.Also called Sons of Heaven

What was the home of the Ming and the Qing rulers in china?

Northeast China

Who are the rulers in China?

there where many the main rulers where shiwandi or first grand emperor an Confucius

How did Ming rulers make china government strong?

Ming rulers strengthended china's government and brought back peace and prosperity.-kathy ledee