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I used to live in Guernsey, So i have a fair idea about it. It was occupied By the Germans in world war two and it was the only British soil ever taken. I had a friend who was in the first and second world war and she housed a polish woman, But one of the Germans that were under cover found out and reported it. The polish woman was taken to Auschwitz and died there.

later on in the very same house were the dreadful ending had begun, someone left a light on and that was very Dangerous becanse the Germans that were trying to bomb Guernsey could see that house and would therefore bomb the house killing evryone in the house and evryone nerebye. So the head of the faimly got his gun and shot three times, missing two of them. There are two bullot holes in the house today the woman that lived there suvived both wars, and died at age ninty nine.

Any way onto the real sunject Guernsey has lots of history like the town squere, which now has shops and no more markets in it. The town was full of old markets but now with only clothes shops, one of whitch was built in 1852. Guernsey has preho libary whitch houses many old scrips and books. It has many old dolmans, including the oldest in Britain, The Fouillage , found on lancress common, And another dolmon with a cave painting with a warrior with arrows and a bow strung around his body. Guernsey also has lihou island whitch has a house with a cottage on it that you are able to rent out for partys. Guernsey has such a rich history that would take to long to tell, So i have given you just a small suggestion of the best places and the oldest history of guernsey there are so much more history that wouldn't fit on the page. So i hope that answers your question, These are some of the historical moments of Guernsey.

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Q: What is the History of Guernsey island?
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