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The Principality of Orange was a feudal state in the Rhone valley from 1163 to 1713. It consisted of the city of Orange and the land around the city.

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Q: What is the Principality of orange from the Rhone valley?
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When was Principality of Orange created?

Principality of Orange was created in 1163.

When did Principality of Orange end?

Principality of Orange ended in 1713.

When was Principality of Orange-Nassau created?

Principality of Orange-Nassau was created in 1702.

When did Principality of Orange-Nassau end?

Principality of Orange-Nassau ended in 1815.

What is the motto of Principality of Orange-Nassau?

The motto of Principality of Orange-Nassau is 'So weit die Welt reicht!'.

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What French king absorbed the principality of Orange in the seventeenth century?

King Louis XIV.

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