What is the basis of history?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Truth is the only basis of history. It is often distorted with ommisions , exaggerations,and outright lies. It is done to conceal crimes and for political purposes such as to stir up patriotism .I refer to government versions of history, and to historions with political predudices.The purpose of history is to improve our lives,and to be honest about our savagery toward one another and rest of the planet. Burying (or justifying)the worst of our behaviour is the best way to repeat it. The vast majority of the world's people just want to live in peace,and we have a right to know what has been done in our names.If people power is not allowed to stop militarism and the neuclear arms race, we WILL destroy ourselves .

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Q: What is the basis of history?
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How did James Mill divide Indian history?

James mill categorized Indian history on the basis ofreligion that are :-Hindu (early)Muslim (medieval)British (later)

How far are ordinary people important in the history of a country?

ordinary people are very important in the history of a country.history means studying the chronological chain of past events that note changes according to time and circumstances .the change which is the most important part of studying history is impossible without ordinary or mediocre people . they are the basis of change and they are ultimately the basis of history. when we talk about second world war and the changes accompanied by it we remember hitler and other leaders but it can never be forgotten that no war takes place between hte leader it is the common people whose life are at stake and their presence is what counts the most no mater they be just a pawn

What is history and why is it important to study history?

History is studied to learn of the mistakes and successes of humankind. With such knowledge, successes can be made to fit modern times and mistakes and errors of the past can be avoided. History can also be studied simply on the basis of seeing what events happened in the past.

Who was the most important man in history?

In science, I would say Thomas Edison and Sir Isaac Newton because most of our today's world runs on the basis of the principles (electricity and gravity) they discovered or found. Another man that was listed as the most important many of the millenia on the history channel is the man who invented the printing press - Johannes Gutenberg.

Does Tom Green have a mental illness or drug use history?

Black history Demographic history Ethnic history Gender history History of childhood History of education History of the family Labour history LGBT history Rural history Urban history American urban history Women's history Cultural history replaced social history as the dominant form in the 1980s and 1990s

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Does the US government have its basis in several documents that can be traced to french history?


Does the US government have basis in several documents that can be traced to french history?


What is the history of chemical energy?

Chemical Energy. The basis of chemical energy was founded by J. Willard Gibbs. He discovered the basis of this energy and was the start of the huge amount of research that we have now. He was born in 1839 and died in 1903.

Why was the US Constitution important to us history?

It is the basis of US government. It lays out the law.

What are the basis of those who belong to the upper class?

Normally, a family history of great wealth, nobility.

The study of grammar rhetoric moral philosophy and history was the basis of the intellectual movement called?


How did James Mill divide Indian history?

James mill categorized Indian history on the basis ofreligion that are :-Hindu (early)Muslim (medieval)British (later)

What event from salvation history is the basis for passover?

The Israelite Exodus from Egyptian slavery. See also:More about Passover

What does era of history mean?

Era - A period of time as reckoned from a specific date serving as the basis of its chronological system.

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The diagnosis of vitamin toxicity is usually made on the basis of the patient's dietary or medical history.