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A "culture region" in the Social Sciences refers to the land area over which a particular culture is dominant.

For example:

"In X area, Y culture is dominant."

"In India, Hindu is the predominant religion. The culture region includes much of the area surrounding the political boundaries of India itself, however."

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itz a place with a common culture. anything past this mark is not what i wrote^

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A group that shares a similar language & customs

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Q: What is the definition of culture region?
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hard to pin down in terms of precise form.

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That's a good question.It lies in the nature of social shifts versus cultural tradition. Social interactions, formalities and acceptable practices vary and shift far more frequently by definition than culture. The same culture can be practiced where different societies exist. Its a very subjective idea.Additional Answer:A society can also have sub-sects of culture within it. Our American society for example, has many cultures within it. There's a gay culture, a straight culture, a female culture and a male culture. We have a sports culture and an intellectual culture, music culture and motorcycle culture.A society by definition is the way in which a group of people live together for mutual benefit. That's a society. It doesn't mean they're all the same or that they have shared values, it just means they live together for mutual benefit.A culture on the other hand, refers to a group of people that share beliefs and behaviors, attitudes, goals and practices.There are sections of society in the modern world that we probably share space with - as a society, but we are probably NOT part of their culture.A group of atheists in a Christian nation may be part of the society, but they're not part of the Christian culture - and the reverse is also true."Society" is more about, "How do all these people interact?""Culture" is more about, "What do they believe, and what do they value?"

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