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Expedition is a trip made by an organized group of people. The purpose is to get information. It's more like a scientific trip

An Excursion is also made by a group of people but it's frequently used as a trip for pleasure.

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Q: What is the difference between expedition and excursion?
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What are the differences between a Ford Excursion and a Ford Expedition?

The biggest difference is the platform they are based on. The Excursion is based on the F250 while the Expedition is based on the F150. The Excursion will have larger rear axle, stiffer rear suspension, and is slightly larger overall. There are other differences as well but these are the highlights.

What is the difference between the ford excursion xlt and the ford excursion limited?

they are one and the same

Is an expedition a noun?

Yes, it is a noun. Expedition as a noun refers to promptness in completing activities. An expedition is an excursion, journey, or voyage.

What are the synonyms for expedition?

Some synonyms for expedition are journey, tour, trek, and excursion.

What is a 4 letter word for journey expedition an excursion?

trip, trek

What is the difference between trekking and expedition?

trekking is just tour but expedition is climbing mountain.

What is the difference between the 1997 1998 expedition?

All Ford Expedition 1997 - 2000 are all the same. The only difference are the models Xlt and EB.

What do you call a journey for educational purpose?

A journey for educational purposes is often called a study tour or an educational trip. It can also be referred to as an educational excursion or a learning expedition.

What is the synonym of expidition?

do you mean expedition, if so quickness, dispatch and alacrity. Also consider, excursion, journey or voyage

Do they still sale Ford excursions?

The last model year of the Ford Excursion was 2005 You can get the 2013 Ford Expedition EL in the United States and the Ford Expedition Max in Canada

What is a group expedition?

A group expedition is an excursion, journey, voyage or undertaking made for some specific purpose by a group of people. For example, Lewis and Clark embarked on a group expedition to explore the territory west of the Mississippi River.

What SUV has the most seating?

The Chevrolet/ GMC Suburban, Ford Excursion, and Ford Expedition have (had) seating capacities of up to 9 people. That is the most offered in a sport utility vehicle. The Ford Excursion is now discontinued.