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The diameter of the earth at the equator is 12,756 kilometers. The earth slightly bulges at the equator slightly elongating the distance.

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Around the Equatore - the Earth is an oblate spheroid, being somewhat flattened at the poles, due to the effect of rotation.
The earths greatest diameter is around the equater

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it is about...13000 miles in diameter

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Q: What is the earths diameter in km?
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How many earths could fit between earth and the sun?

The Earths Equatorial diameter is 12756 km, and there are (on average) 149,597,890 km to the sun, so we are talking about 11728 Earths.

How many moons would fit across earths diameter?

12742 km / 3474 km = 3.67

The size of planets from largest to smallest?

Pluto (if you still count it)- (diameter - 2300 km) Mercury - (diameter - 4879.4 km) Mars - (diameter - 6787 km) Venus - (diameter - 12,104 km) Earth - (diameter - 12,115 km) Neptune- (diameter - 49,528 km) Uranus - (diameter - 51,118 km) Saturn - (diameter - 120,660 km) Jupiter - (diameter - 142,800 km) But Venus is the about the same size as Earth, its a little bigger not by much though.

What planet diameter is less than one half the length of earth diameter?

Mercury. It has a diameter of around 4880km, while Earths diameter is 12104 km on average.

If earths diameter is 12756 km then what is its radius?

A diameter is a linear measurement that needs units. However, assuming that the units are kilometers, the Earth is about 12,700 kilometers in diameter. Venus is a little smaller at 12,100 kilometres.

How big around is the planet earth?

Earths diameter at the equator is around 40,074 km

What planet diameter is one less than half length of earth's?

Mercury. It has a diameter of around 4880km, while Earths diameter is 12104 km on average.

What is the approximate size of all planets?

Here are the planets in our solar system, listed in size order with the largest first: * Planet Diameter # Jupiter 143,000 km # Saturn 125,000 km # Uranus 51,100 km # Neptune 49,500 km # Earth 12,800 km # Venus 12,100 km # Mars 6,800 km # Mercury 4,900 km

What is Uranus's diamater?

Mass: 8.6816×10**25 kg (14.536 Earths) Radius: 25,559 km (4.007 Earths) Uranus has a diameter of about 51 100 km in the equator by 50 000 km in polar axis. For comparison Earth is 12 756 km wide at the equator by 12 714 km in polar axis.

What is the biggest planet in your solar system and how long?

Jupiter. It's diameter at the equator is 142,984 km, around 11 times that of earths diameter.

What is the diameter of Mercury compared to the earths diameter?

Mercury's diameter is about 3032 miles (4879 km), which is about three-eighths of Earth's diameter (about 38%).Earths volume is around 17.86 times that of Mercury's volume.Earth's radius is 2.61 times that of Mercury and 18.18 times the mass.

How large is Mars and were is it located?

Mars is 6792 km in diameter at the equator, while the Earth is 12756 km in diameter at the equator. The Diameter of Mars is around 53% of Earths. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, orbiting at a distance of 227,936,640 km (141,633,263 miles) from the sun on average.