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the geographical south pole i think is a group of flags?

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Q: What is the geographical south pole?
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What is the nationality of the guy that went to the South Pole?

Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the south pole, beating Scott. He came from Norway.

What was Ronald Amundsen's impact the world?

Ronald Amundsen's impact on the world was that he foundthe south pole,without him our map wouldn't be so updated to the present time now.... he also was the first man to get to the The South Pole and The North Pole!!

What dangers did both captain James cook and captain James Clark Ross and their teams face in their attempts to reach the south pole?

Capt. James cook did not attempt to reach the South pole. His voyages of exploration were to South america, South Africa and Australasia.

How did Ernest Shackleton's trip to the South Pole change history?

Shackleton and his team attempted to reach the South Pole, and turned back at 88 degrees S, due to their instincts to survive.The Nimrod expedition (1907-1909) established a goal of 'reaching the pole', which was taken up by Roald Amundsen and Captain Robert F Scott in the upcoming years.

What is the starting line for the lines of longitude?

No. The Prime Meridian is about Longitude, which was far more difficult to calculate than Latitude. Latitude can be measured by knowing how high the Sun is above the horizon & by the Stars at night. Longitude needs the addition of knowing time at one place & another place & speed & direction of movement. The Prime Meridian, 0 degrees Longitude runs from Pole to Pole through Greenwich, London. (The Headquarters of the Royal Navy at the time) 0 degrees latitude is the Equator.

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Are the North Pole and the south pole geographical poles?

yes, the north and south poles are geographical poles.

How do you find the north and south pole of a magnet?

The north pole of a magnet is attracted to the Earth's geographical North Pole, and the south pole is attracted to the Earth's geographical South Pole. You can also use a compass to find the north and south poles of a magnet - the needle will align with the north pole of the magnet.

What are the Geographical poles on the earth?

The geographical poles are the North and South Poles. The South Pole is at 90 degrees S latitude. The North Pole is at 90 degrees N latitude. All lines of longitude converge at both poles.

What are the geographical countries at the South Pole?

There are no countries south of 60 degrees S, which encompasses Antarctica, where you'll find the South Pole.

Which has more region south pole or north pole?

If you mean region in the geographical sense, the south pole is located on a continent -- Antarctica -- and the north pole is located in sea water.

Should you capitalize south pole in a sentence?

Yes, you should capitalize "South Pole" when referring to the geographical location at the southernmost point of the Earth.

How far is Scott Base from the south pole?

Scott Base is located approximately 3.9 miles (6.3 kilometers) from the South Pole.

Which continent is closest to the south poles?

If you are asking which is the closest continent to the Geographical South Pole then it is Antarctica.If you are asking which is the closest continent to what is wrongly called the South Pole as a region then it is South America.The continent that is closest to the South Pole is..... AntarcticaAntarctica, where the South Pole exists, then South America, Australia and New Zealand.

What are 2 poles of magnet?

magnet has two is north pole n the other is south pole. the earth also has a magnet within it which has a dierction opposite to the direction of the geographical poles.i.e. the geographical north of earth is its magnetic south and vice versa. If a bar magnet is suspended freely , its one end is attracted to the magnetic north which is geographical south of earth n therefore that end of the magnet is called south pole.and the other end is called north pole.

What is direction of magnet in Tan B position?

In the tan B position, the direction of the magnet depends on the specific orientation of the magnet. The north pole of the magnet points towards the geographical North Pole, while the south pole points towards the geographical South Pole. The direction can also be determined by using a compass, as the needle aligns with the magnetic field lines.

Why is a North Pole of a compass attracted to the North Pole of the Earth?

actually the north pole of our earth(considering it as a big bar magnet) is the geographic south pole.Its called so because it lies on the northern hemisphere.Actually it is the south pole of our big bar magnetAdditional AnswerThe north magnetic pole of a compass needle points to Magnetic North. "Magnetic North" is so-called to differentiate it from "True North", and has nothing whatsoever to do with its magnetic polarity. Actually, the magnetic polarity of Magnetic North is a south pole which, because unlike poles attract, attracts the north pole of the compass needle.

When did Alistair Mackay reach the south pole?

Alistair Mackay never reached the geographical South Pole. What he did reach was the Magnetic South Pole along with Douglas Mawson and Edgeworth David on the 16th January 1909. This was part of the British Antarctic Expedition led by Ernest Shackleton.