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Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the south pole, beating Scott. He came from Norway.

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Q: What is the nationality of the guy that went to the South Pole?
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Who was the first guy that explored the south pole?

The norwegian Roald Amundson

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Serious names: Stella Australis (Star of the South, in Latin) South Sea Adventurer The Amundsen (the guy who discovered the South Pole) Fun names: The Penguin Express

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Who was Scott's Antarctic companion?

That depends on what journey you are talking about. Ernest Shackleton and Edward Wilson accompanied him on his first Antarctic journey (when they left the ship and walked about 500 miles toward the South Pole). On his second journey, the four people who were with him at the very end (that made it to the South Pole and then died on the way back) were Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates, and Edgar Evans. If, perhaps, you are referring to the guy that was in Antarctica at the same time and made it to the South Pole first, that was Roald Amundsen, but they weren't traveling together.