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Bowl pendants are a traditional style of lighting fixture suspended from ceilings. However if you meant comemorative jewelry given to participants of annual sporting events, the history is a diverse as the teams themselves.

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Q: What is the history behind bowl pendants?
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How do you know if bowl pendants are the real thing or a knock off?

Genuine items of jewelry will come with a Certificate of Authenticity through a reputable and licensed jeweler or establishment that you can verify. If we are speaking of 'Bowl' pendants - 'Bowl' being in the proper - you should be able to identify the team and the player the pendant is associated with and research to see if this is indeed their piece.

Can a bowler bowl behind the stamps?

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Did the Patriots distribute diamond Super Bowl pendants?

The New England Patriots did send (faux) diamond pins to Season Ticket Holders after Super Bowl XXXVI. I know this because I received one.

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