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Softsoap is the trade name of Colgate-Palmolive'sliquid hand soap and body wash. William Shepphard of New York, New York, was granted patent number 49,561 for his "Improved Liquid Soap" on August 22, 1865, for his discovery that a small amount of conventional soap could be mixed with large amounts of hartshorn to create a soap with a consistency of molasses.

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Q: What is the history of Pamolive dish liquid?
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What is the most used dish detergent?

The most used dish detergent is dish-washing liquid. This happens because many homes have a dish-washer. Apart from dish-washing liquid also dish soap is used or dish concentrated liquid.

What dish soap has the longest lasting suds?

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is known for its long-lasting suds and effectiveness in cutting through grease and grime. It's a popular choice for many households due to its ability to keep dishes clean for longer periods of time.

Can you do me a investigatory project camias as dish washing liquid?

To use camias (bilimbi) as a dishwashing liquid for an investigatory project, you can extract its juice and mix it with water and a small amount of soap. Test its effectiveness in cleaning dishes by comparing it with a commercial dishwashing liquid in terms of grease removal and overall cleanliness. Document and analyze the results to draw conclusions about the feasibility of using camias as a dishwashing liquid.

How is dish washing liquid a liquid?

your moms house!

What is the first commercial on television in the Philippines?

Colgate-Pamolive. This was the first one when TV went from BW to colored

Are Dawn dish soap and Palmolive dish soap the same?

As in dish-washing liquid, Yes. brands, No.

What effect does adding sugar to dish washing liquid have on the bubbles?

Adding sugar to dish washing liquid will increase the amount of lather and bubbles.

Is dish soap a solid liquid or gas?

liquid not solid or gas

What is the socioeconomic benefits of a dish washing liquids?

what is the socioeconomic benefits of a dish washing liquid?

What ingredients are in Gain liquid dish soap?

Ingredients in Gain liquid dish soap are as follows: go look at the back of a bottle of it and get off the computer!

Ivory dish soap liquid ingredients?

ivory hand soap liquid ingredients

Can you use dish soap to make foaming soap instead of liquid soap?

Yes, you can use dish soap to make foaming soap. Mix one part dish soap with three parts water in a foaming soap dispenser. Shake gently to combine, and you'll have homemade foaming soap.