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Princeton has a very detailed history for football. The Princeton Tigers played the very first College Football game in 1869 against Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

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Q: What is the history of Princeton football?
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When was Princeton Tigers football representing Princeton University at the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision created?

Princeton Tigers football was created in 1869.

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When was football first a sport?

1869Rutgers defeats Princeton six goals to four Nov. 6 in the first college football game ever played. The original Princeton "25" takes the field with William Stryker Gunmere ' 70 as Princeton's first football captain and Jacob Edwin Michael ' 71 scores Princeton's first goal. Princeton wins the return match eight goals to zero later in the year. The members of this team were the founding members of the Princeton College Football Association.

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No, Princeton and Alabama have never met in football.

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The origins of American football began in 1869. The intercollegiate football game between Rutgers and Princeton took place at Rutgers in 1869. There is no record of what player scored the first touchdown.

What was the score of the Rutgers Princeton football game in 1969?

The score of the ESPN broadcasted football game between Rutger and Princeton in 1969 was Rutgers 28 Princeton 0. The game was televised because 1969 was the 100th anniversary of intercollegiate football. First game was between these two schools in 1869.

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Princeton vs. Rutgers

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