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Greece or Rome was the first to make cameo jewelry. It is unknown exactly when the first cameo jewelry was made. Cameo jewelry used to be carved from rock. Later, the jewelry would be made from shells.

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Q: What is the history of cameo jewelry?
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What is a cameo?

A "cameo" is a piece of jewelry in the form of a carved silhouette. In the theater, the phrase "cameo appearance" was used to refer to a brief appearance in a play or movie, frequently where the actor is not playing any role. For example, Alfred Hitchcock appeared "in cameo" in most of his movies; frequently walking by as an anonymous face in the crowd, or boarding a bus in the background of the scene.

Where can one find cameo jewelry?

Cameo Jewellery can be purchased at the following retailers: Ross-Simons, VictorianTradingCo, Jewelrymine, YochiNy, Victoriasjewelrybox, as well as HSN.

When is a cameo ring a suitable gift?

A cameo ring is a ring with a small portrait of a loved one embedded in the jewelry. These are appropriate gifts for aniversaries, weddings, or funerals.

Foreign gold jewelry marks?

I have a cameo ring that is marked 450, do you know what carat that is?

What type of jewelry is a cameo pin?

Cameo pins are usually carved or engraved stones that are used for brooches or on necklaces. Usually made of onyx or agate with some kind of design in it.

Where can one find a cameo locket?

One can find a cameo locket on some online retailers. These include Victorias Jewelry box and Amazon. They can also be found on the Internet auction site Ebay.

Where can one find a Cameo bracelet?

Someone can find a cameo bracelet online, at jewelry stores, and from individual sellers. These bracelets range in price from around thirty dollars to over one thousand dollars.

What do you call the jewelry with a womans profile carved into it?

Cameo jewellery usually shows the profile of a face or person in raised relief.

Where online sells cameo pendants?

Places that sell cameo pendants are Zales, Price Machine, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, The Find, Nextag, Ask, Shop 411, Morgan Jewelers and many other jewelry websites.

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