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There are many different caste systems in India. This is one of the largest caste systems in the country.

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Q: What is the history of chambhar caste?
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What is Bansode's caste?


What is the caste and sub-caste of surname nagothakar?

It is a scheduled caste name, from the Chambhar community. Chambhars are shoemakers/tanners, a subgroup of the larger Dhangar community that can be considered "shudras".

What is the history of surname Goon is it a lower caste?

Goon caste is very high class. They are after the Brahmin Caste.

Is jothiar sub caste of raj puts history jothiars?

What caste is sharan

What caste is padhiyar?

padhiyar history

What is the clan of phularwan and is it a rajpoot caste or jatt?

it is a caste of jatt clan

What is the history of Pattu Nool Caste?

Silk weavers

What is History of Verma Caste?

Screw the caste system, its a bunch of BS. In this world, its how much you make that matters the most.

Which caste surname shinde belongs?

The surname "Shinde" typically belongs to the Maratha caste in Maharashtra, India. The Marathas are a prominent warrior caste in Maharashtra with a history of military service and land ownership.

How did the caste system develop?

The Caste System was not created by a specific person. It grew and developed over time. Different caste systems developed in different places. Perhaps the most well known now is the Caste System of India, but Europe, other parts of Asia, and the Americas have had caste systems at various times in history.

How could you change your status from one caste to another caste?

Go here -> i think it may solve your problems. it has all sorts of stuff on history problems, and test answers.

Which warrior caste of Japan followed a strict code of conduct?

Most of earlyjapanese history was recorded by the