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I am north Indian Ramanandi Vaishnava Brahmin, I want to know the gotra of entire Vaishnav Brahmins.

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Q: What is the history of vaishnav caste brahmins of uttar pradesh?
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What caste people with Surname Vaishnav belongs to?


Which caste in andhra pradesh have swarna surname?


Which caste in andhra pradesh have palagummi surname?

niyogi brahmins will have this surname

Which caste in andhra pradesh has alapati surname?

Brahmins Vaidika

Chikka suename belongs to which caste in andhra pradesh?

People with Chikka surname are Brahmins.

Can you please tell me the surname mamindlapalli is of which caste in andhra pradesh?

mamindlapalli belongs to vishwa brahmins caste ( Gold Smith )

Are khamar comes under schedule caste?

No they don't. They are in general cast.According to government Caste system Documents, " Khamar " comes in Vishnavs Verna of hindu religion.Khamar are Vaishnavs from Gujarat. Generally they used to known as Vaishnav Khamar. Falls under General Category not in a reservation. its not well known because of their population approx 9800 all over the world.Various misunderstandings about this caste but it certified by government that they are Vaishnav Khamar falls under general like Brahmins, Vaishnav Baniyas, Brahmbhatts, etc. Vaishnav Khamar is an another subcaste of vaishnavs like Vaishnav Baniyas.

Vishen belongs to which caste?

Vishen belongs to the Hindu Vaishnav Vanik caste.

What is the caste of surname MALLELA in Andhra pradesh?


What caste is the surname raval?

Raval are in the brahmins caste.

What caste vasa surname belong in?

They are from the Brahmins (Pradhamasakha Niyogi) of South India, native to Andhra Pradesh. Taken from an article publication: Vepachedu, Sreenivasarao. (2003). BRAHMINS. Mana Sanskriti (Our Culture). 1-34.

Which caste in Andhra Pradesh have 'putta' as surname?

From Andhra side, its Kamma/Chowdary and from Rayalseema u see it in reddy.

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