What is the history of magnets?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A man took a stick and sat on a rock then the stick is made of iron so it is

attracted to the rock as it is magnetic rock a saint said these words

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Q: What is the history of magnets?
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What are some names of small magnets?

Some names of small magnets include neodymium magnets, rare earth magnets, ceramic magnets, and ferrite magnets.

How do you make a flying car with magnets?

put magnets and put magnets on a car and put magnets on a car and put the car on the road and put the magnets on the road and put the magnets touch the magnets on the road and on the car

What are magnets and artificial magnets?

since magnets are all ready magnetised when found in nature called natural magnet artificial magnets that are made by man are called artificial magnets

Which are the cheapest magnets?

which is the cheapest magnets

Which are better Little magnets or bigger magnets?

bigger magnets. 'cus bigger magnets have more force(also so called as attraction) . thus, smaller magnets have less attraction.

Are magnets metal?

No, magnets are not metal. Magnets are objects that produce a magnetic field, which can attract or repel certain types of metals, but they are typically made from materials like iron, nickel, or cobalt.

What household objects have magnets in?

Two household objects that have magnets are: fridge magnets, and sizzlers

Do some kitchen toys have magnets?

Some of them do have magnets. Childrens alphabet magnets are an example.

What type of magnets are harder to magnets but retains magnetism much longer?

permanent magnets

Are all magnets metal?

Not all magnets are made of metal. There are various types of magnets, including ceramic magnets (made of ferrite), neodymium magnets (made of neodymium, iron, and boron), and even electromagnetic magnets that are not made of metal.

Why do big magnets pick up little magnets?

because it is bigger than the little magnets and has more power than the little magnets do.

What are the types of magnets?

There are permanent magnets, which retain their magnetism once magnetized, and temporary magnets, which only exhibit magnetic properties when exposed to a magnetic field. Permanent magnets can be further classified into ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic, and rare-earth magnets based on their composition and magnetic properties.